Purpose and Priorities

CERSH Purpose

The purpose of the Centre is to design, implement and evaluate programs that provide practical solutions to improve the prevention of sexually transmissibcersh-regionsle infections in both the Hume and Loddon Mallee regions in rural Victoria. In achieving this, the Centre’s priorities are to:

  1. Build partnerships and collaboration aimed at developing a co-ordinated and integrated systems approach across the Hume and Loddon Mallee regions
  2. Enhance workforce capacity through professional development opportunities and knowledge sharing
  3. Ensuring co-ordinated health promotion programs and activity to achieving resource maximization and prevention of duplication

CERSH Strategic Objectives

Partnerships and Collaborations

  1. Promote linkages between local government (councils), PCPs and regional service providers to build co-ordinated and integrated service responses aligned to the needs of local communities
  2. Leverage existing networks to increase coordinated and integrated service provision
  3. Reduce unnecessary and avoidable repetition and variability of service access across rural and regional areas

Workforce Development

  1. Enhance the capacity of the rural workforce in the Hume and Loddon Mallee regions to provide sexual health promotion initiatives and sexual health services to rural communities
  2. Build effective knowledge dissemination strategies using available information and communications technology (ICT) to ensure equal access to resources

Sexual Health Promotion and Literacy

Improve the sexual health literacy of rural and regional Victorians with a particular focus on the following priority populations:

  • Young people
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Men who have sex with men and LGBTI people