Goulburn Valley and Northeast Victoria

Listed below are details of upcoming network events as well as summaries of past meetings and events.

Upcoming Network Meetings

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Time: 11am – 3pm (lunch is provided)

Where: Department of Education and Training, Benalla

RSVP: by email to cersh-admin@unimelb.edu.au

Understanding identity and supporting LGBTI young people – A practical skills-based workshop

This workshop is designed to enhance your skills for one-to-one interactions and group settings. It will be led by facilitators from Minus18 – Australia’s largest youth led organisation for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex young people.

The format for the two-hour workshop will include personal narrative exercises, group role play and problem solving, and a Q&A session.

Participants can expect:

  • Practical skill development in responding to questioning identity
  • Information about recommended steps for best practice response
  • Exploration of diverse identities and the unique barriers the LGBTI community faces
  • Information about local and state-wide services, referral pathways, supporting metro based services, inclusive service provision, and resources
  • Discussion related specifically to sexual health and LGBTI communities

Also on the agenda:

  • A wrap up from CERSH and others who will have attended workshops from the LGBTI Equality Roadshow with Rowena Allen, Victoria’s first Gender and Sexuality Commissioner
  • Ange Davidson from Gateway Health Gender Service will outline the service model and tips for working with young people informed by the Gender Service community reference group

2017 Network Meetings

Monday 27 March 2017

Topic: Contemporary issues related to sex and communication technologies

Guest Presenter: Facilitated by Dr Megan Lim, Head of Sexual Health and Young People Research at the Burnet Institute Centre for Population Health. Megan’s primary area of expertise is investigating the role of new communications technologies in public health. She has conducted research into how these technologies (e.g. smartphone apps and social networking sites) can be used for health promotion, and the impact of these technologies. Her work focuses on young people in Australia and developing countries, particularly in sexual health and alcohol. The meeting combined a series of short presentations and group discussion and debate.

2016 Network Meetings

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Topic: What’s new in sexual health – locally and nationally

Guest Presenters: Attendees from the Sexual Health Conference in Adelaide presented a wrap up of the conference. This was followed by a presentation from the Diversity Group, Shepparton and Way Out, Wodonga. The group then heard an update on what’s happening at Rumbalara in Aboriginal sexual health work and an update from CERSH on a sexual health messaging campaign for rural communities.

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Topic: The Local Picture: Overview of HIV and Hepatitis C and Local Health Care Pathways

Guest Presenters: Chris Biesiekierski (GV Health), Lauren Coelli (Gateway Health), Suzanne Wallis (GV Health)

Summary: Clinicians, school nurses, sexual health workers and health promotion officers made up the attendees who heard an update on the new Hep C treatments and progress on HIV programs. Time was also given for attendees to share experiences, discuss challenges and workshop ideas to help with their work in local areas.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Topic: Adapting our sexual health and relationships education for different learning styles

Guest Presenters:  Catherine Madill – DHHS and Jenny Walsh – author of The Practical Guide To Love Sex and Relationships  and Catching on Early Teaching.

Summary: In this network meeting Catherine facilitated a practical workshop around tailoring education to suit a range of cognitive levels including learning disabilities and cognitive impairments. Jenny then lead a discussion and workshop about adapting strategies and resources for one-to-one clinical and education settings, and with young people with a range of abilities and learning styles. Time was also allocated for network participants to share their knowledge and strategies in adapting sexual health and relationships education for different learning styles.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Topic: Sex Ed by Porn? Surely We Can Do Better

Guest Presenter: Maree Crabbe

Summary: This training assisted participants to develop their understanding of pornography and its influence, and the frameworks and confidence to address the issues with young people. It also aimed to provide support for teachers and others to be prepared to implement the respectful relationship revamp announced recently by the Victorian Government.  The training was attended by teachers, youth workers, nurses, psychologists and others involved in education, health promotion, violence prevention, support or counselling with young people, or in policy development in related areas.

Resources: http://www.itstimewetalked.com.au 

2015 Network Meetings

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Topic: Understanding and Utilising Social Media and Technology

Guest Presenter: Natalie Hendry, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society (ARCSHS)

Summary: The morning interactive workshop was facilitated by Natalie Hendry, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society (ARCSHS) researcher and educator about social media, young people and their social and sexual health. The afternoon session gave atttendees an opportunity for local presentations and discussions about  initiatives that are underscored by social media and technology.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Topic: Counting what counts and measuring what matters

Guest Presenters: Dr Alana Hulme Chambers (CERSH), Nasra Higgins (Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Surveillance, Department of Health & Human Services), Dr Alan Crouch (CERSH)

Summary: This meeting focused on the following:

  • Exploring the current ways that we collect and utilise sexual health data, information and evidence
  • Discussing ways in which we can more effectively measure and count what matters
  • Identifying further training and support needs for this component of our work.

The agenda for the meeting included a presentation by Dr Alana Hulme Chambers (CERSH) about ‘What IS evidence? A presentation and discussion led by Nasra Higgins about STI/BBV epidemiology and surveillance systems, and an update of current STI/BBV epidemiology for Hume region and our LGA’s. And lastly, a group discussion, facilitated by Dr Alan Crouch (CERSH), based on the topics of data collection and evidence in reporting.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Topic: Nurse-led models of sexual and reproductive healthcare

Guest Presenter:

Summary: This meeting focused on nurse-led models of sexual and reproductive healthcare. There was a number of local presentations and discussions, and information about current research and strategic directions of nurse-led model of care in Australia. There was also an opportunity for network members to share information and updates.