Building Ethical Relationships Together (BERT) Wodonga


Project Summary

BERT Wodonga is a new approach to different sectors actively working together to discuss, share and learn from each other in order to strengthen systems that support the sexual health and wellbeing of young people attending formal education environments in Wodonga.

The key initiative for BERT in 2016 has been the establishment of the BERT Wodonga Community of Practice (CoP). The aim of the CoP is to strengthen practices in working with young people to enable them to negotiate and experience ethical and respectful relationships, both through the delivery of curriculum and on a one to one level. Members of the BERT CoP come from the education, health, welfare and local government sectors.

The BERT CoP meet every 6 weeks to participate in Workshops.  In 2016 the Workshops have been facilitated by Professor Moira Carmody, utilising elements of her Sex and Ethics Program. See below for short highlight clips of the 2016 Workshops.

Project Objective

To increase workforce capacity and literacy of stakeholders in the education, health and welfare sectors to better support rural young people’s sexual health and wellbeing.

Project Contact

Dr. Alana Hulme Chambers –


BERT Community of Practice Workshops

CERSH has created short highlight clips from the 2016 CoP Workshops to give a snapshot of the themes and key messages covered.

All clips created by:

BERT CoP Workshop 2 (April 2016)

This workshop topic was 'Working with Diverse Values'.

BERT CoP Workshop 4 (June 2016)

This workshop topic was 'Building Skills to Reflect on our Practice'.

BERT CoP Workshop 5 (July 2016)

This workshop topic was 'Critical Reflection for Ethical Practice'.

BERT CoP Workshop 6 (August 2016)

This workshop topic was 'Care of self as a professional: Practical strategies and tools to look after yourself'.

BERT CoP Workshop 7 (October 2016)

This workshop topic was 'Sexting and consent: Building skills in working with young people'.