Sexual Health in the Loddon Mallee Region

Informal Review 2017

Project Summary

The Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH) conducted an informal review of the current context of sexual health in the Loddon Mallee region in order to assess the impact of the work undertaken since CERSH was established in the region in 2012.  Between February and May 2017, a series of informal interviews were conducted with stakeholders across Loddon Mallee to discuss the current needs, emerging issues, capacities and opportunities.

This undertaking was significant in the sense that it was the first ever review that has been conducted in Loddon Mallee since the start of the Centre in the region. Hence, the perspectives of the stakeholders as to the impact that CERSH has had are particularly relevant for shaping the future direction of CERSH.

A report was then created to outline the key findings, issues, needs, capacities and opportunities that emerged from the interviews with the organisations and the workers. The report will guide the future planning of CERSH and ways in which it could best use its resources and to work collaboratively with local communities and services in Loddon Mallee.

The full report as well as a one-pager of the Key Findings can be downloaded below.

Project Contact

For more information about this project please contact:

Nina Hakamies, Sexual Health and Wellbeing Project Officer (Loddon Mallee Region)

E: P: 03 5444 7070  M: 0437 562 747