Sexual Health and Wellbeing in the Aged Care Setting

Project Summary

In partnership with Goulburn Valley Health, CERSH developed a project aimed at exploring the needs of residents in an Aged Care Facility in relation to their sexual health and wellbeing. Funding was provided by the Victorian Department of Health for a demonstration project aimed at exploring the issues of sexual health and wellbeing in residential aged care from a policy, practice and staff cultural perspective. Clients were surveyed about their sexual identity and culture, their previous sexual history, their preferred grooming requirements and important relationships and other significant persons in their lives. This project gathered data from clients, their carers and family and the staff of the aged care facility.

Project Outcomes

  • A Sexual Health and Wellbeing assessment tool was developed for use by staff during the induction of new clients to the aged care facility and also to be incorporated and used during subsequent health assessments throughout the entire time of residency of each and every client
  • A quality improvement activity report was completed and accepted by management of Goulburn Valley Health
  • Staff professional development seminars were developed and provided to residential aged care staff aimed at building confidence and competency in talking to clients and their families and carers about sexual health and wellbeing and providing accurate assessment of client’s needs and expectations

Project Contact

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