SHOUT – Sexual Health Out and About

Project Summary

Whilst there is a high level of awareness in young people that condom use is key to preventing STI’s issues of privacy, lack of transport and cost are some of barriers that prevent rural young people from accessing condoms. Resulting high rates of chlamydia in rural populations indicate inadequate condom use and low levels of accessing testing and treatment.

In an attempt to address this  CERSH undertook a project in 2016 to assess the potential of adapting  an external health agency’s campaign to promote key messages about the use of condoms in the prevention of STI’s, and  information about local availability of  condoms and access to STI testing. The concept testing of these sexual health messages with young people in five different rural stakeholder groups  indicated that the aim of getting messages that encourage condom use and provide information about local services for STI testing for young people was important and relevant, and displaying posters in places where young people frequented was seen as more useful than a social-media focussed campaign. However, young people found many of the slogans and images were confusing and/or not relevant to young people.

Consequently, CERSH has created the SHOUT (Sexual Health Out and About) projecta series of health promotion posters to support access to condoms in rural areas, and to improve STI testing and treatment in rural areas. We encourage rural organisations, clinics and groups to get involved and endorse positive sexual health messages in your community. The posters are designed to insert your local information. CERSH will then provide you with your customised templates for printing.

Head to the SHOUT website to order posters, see examples of youth engagement activities, ways to improve access to condoms and STI testing in your community and a helpful list of resources to improve sexual health literacy.


Project Objectives

  • To create and display relevant visual messages that promotes local access to condoms, promotes condom use, and provides information about local services for STI testing to address high rates of STI’s in rural communities, particularly chlamydia
  • To foster ownership of the project by local young people, with support from relevant local organisations, networks, communities
  • To facilitate a process whereby participants engage in a creative process to help shape both the content and outcomes
  • To explore further opportunities for youth engagement in sexual health promotion in rural locations

Project Contact

Nyssa Watson, Sexual Health and Wellbeing Project Officer

M: +61 438 636 124 E:

Project Review Report 2020

In 2020, CERSH engaged an independant contractor to review the SHOUT program of work.

This includes reviewing the following initiatives:
• The Condom Vending Machine Project with local government agencies
• SHOUT poster and dispenser resources
• Condom Count Initiative

A report has been finalised and available for download below.