Smart & Deadly – Aboriginal Sexual Health Promotion Project

Project Summary

The ‘Smart and Deadly’ Aboriginal Sexual Health Promotion Project consisted of a series of consultations, workshops and events undertaken over a 12 month period in 2011-2012. It resulted in wide participation of agencies across many sectors, broad community engagement (>120 families and individuals), and the creation, production and social media dissemination of numerous performance art products (songs, drama) and training resources.

This initiative sought to engage young people, Elders, parents and caregivers living in the Albury – Wodonga border town between Victoria and New South Wales. It was guided by the principles of community ownership, inter-agency collaboration and cultural respect. It employed a collaborative approach, including a mix of working and creative groups and informal processes, creating safe space for yarning and story-telling.

A multi-media resource was produced, that documented the processes and progress of the Smart and Deadly initiative. This included video clips of the creative outputs of the different workshops and other material directed at strengthening the capacity of mainstream agencies to more effectively serve the sexual health needs of local Aboriginal young people.

Project Objectives

  • Design, implement and evaluate a local sexual health promotion project with young rural Aboriginal people and their families, using the principles of Aboriginal health promotion practice.
  • Support young rural Aboriginal people to develop their own creative sexuality education resources.
  • Develop an audio-visual training resource for non-Aboriginal rural health workers engaging with Aboriginal communities.

Project Contact

For more information on this project, including orders for the Smart and Deadly DVD Resource, please contact Kylie Stephens.

Educational Resources

Short educational YouTube clips and two rap songs developed by the Aboriginal young people and organisations in Northeast Victoria.

This collection can also be accessed via the Smart and Deadly Koori YouTube channel.

Gammin’ But True: Short Clips about Your Bits

A series of short humorous clips about Sexually Transmissible Infections. Created by: the Smart and Deadly drama group. Music by: Last Kinection.

It’s That Easy

Portraying the experience of two young people who visit a sexual health clinic, this clip was developed to demystify visiting a sexual health clinic. It also provides education about Chlamydia.

Just Respect

A clip that uses hip hop and dance to express feelings about respectful relationships. Music by: Last Kinection.

Hip Hop and Relationships

Interviews with young people about respectful relationships.

A Real Man

A rap song created by young men and members of the Last Kinection at the ‘Sex, Love & Kinections’ forum.

Love not Lust

A rap song created by young women and members of the Last Kinection at the ‘Sex, Love & Kinections’ forum.

Boorai Casts

This clip depicts two young pregnant women making and decorating their Boorai casts. It was developed by Aboriginal workers as an example of innovative ways to educate about pregnancy and birth and connect young pregnant Aboriginal women and their partners with their culture. Please note, some Aboriginal people may consider this clip women’s business only.

Health Information Workshops

This clip uses footage from a sexual health information day, including the use of art, to describe the process used by the Aboriginal workers to engage with young women and their partners.

Photo Gallery

These photos were taken at various project activities, such as workshops and a launch event. They show the collaboration and enthusiasm from the participants and stakeholders involved.