Voices of Sexuality – Educational Resource

Project Summary

One of the challenges for teachers in schools, and workers in community settings, is to provide sexuality education and sexual health support that is inclusive and relevant for all young people. Sexuality education in schools and other settings can shine a light on deeply felt beliefs by different groups of people in our communities and the range of expectations that families and communities have of sexuality education.

CERSH collaborated with over 20 organisations across the education, university, youth, health and community sectors to produce an online resource for teachers and educators. Sexuality education professionals provided advice on the content and structure, speak about contemporary challenges and opportunities, and ensured the resource was theoretically informed.

The end result is 23 YouTube clips that portray the sexuality education experiences of young people and their parents/carers from diverse cultural backgrounds, belief systems, abilities/disabilities, from rural locations, and including those who are same sex attracted or sex and gender diverse. The resource gives voice to the opinions of diverse young people and parents/carers, highlights emerging issues within sexuality education, and provides practical ideas and resources. The project highlights collaboration across multiple and diverse intersections, settings and systems to produce constructive learning resources for contemporary sexuality education.

Project Objective

To create a sexuality education resource that:

  • assists in preparing teachers to teach sexuality education
  • provides opportunity for educators to critique and reflect on their practices
  • aligns with contemporary sexuality education resources
  • lists relevant resources and provides prompt questions as a way to engage educators in critical reflection for each YouTube clip

Project Contact

For more information on this project please contact Kylie Stephens – kylies@unimelb.edu.au 

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Contemporary Sexuality Education

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Inclusive Practice

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