Clinical Case Studies

The following case studies outline some common situations that health practitioners may encounter when caring for a patient who is experiencing unintended pregnancy and/or abortion.

The main objective of the case studies is to provide practitioners with some examples and key considerations in order to get started with the decision-making process for a suitable course of care. It is important to note that they are intended for general educational purposes only and do not replace comprehensive assessments or care plans performed by qualified health practitioners.

Each case study will enable you to:

  1. identify the characteristics presented in a patient;
  2. identify the components for diagnosis in a patient;
  3. consider some common challenges and barriers to providing care for a patient;
  4. identify common approaches to the treatment of, and a care plan for, a patient.


Case Study 1

44 years old woman. Gestational age 8+4/40. Lives two hours away from the clinic.

Case Study 2

14 years old woman. Gestational age 7+5/40 on uss. A Neg. Complex family circumstances with history of previous sexual assault.

Case Study 3

41 years old woman. Gestational age 8+2/40 on USS. A Neg. Past history: heavy menstrual bleeding, hyperthyroidism and anaemia.