Workflow Models

An effective workflow model consists not only of effective processes but also incorporates comprehensive sexual and reproductive health checks and services, including testing and treatment for STIs.

Below are some links and resources to help you get started with setting up an MTOP model in your clinic. They are intended as examples only and provide different options for practitioners when considering a suitable model. Please adapt them to suit your circumstances keeping in mind that there are various ways to establish a clinic, including models driven by both practice nurses and/or GPs.


Establishing a Medical Abortion Service

The provided link will take you to information about the establishment of a medical abortion service. Specifically, the section "Workflow Models" (at the bottom of the page) contains useful points to consider in relation to a practice nurse-supported model versus a GP-driven model. These are just two of many models incorporating medical abortion into the flow of general practice. (Source: Children by Choice)

Integrating STI Testing and Treatment into Workflow

The Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC) website includes clinical treatment guidelines, an STI tool, and latest information about STI testing and treatment.

Australian STI Management Guidelines

These guidelines are for use in primary care. (Source: ASHM)

STI/BBV Testing Tool for Asymptomatic People

South Australian Sexual Health Awareness (SASHA) provides charts and information about how routine STI/BBV testing can be offered to asymptomatic people, and how to follow up.

Medical Abortion Process

A detailed description of the medical abortion process and workflow model for GPs and nurses, including staff requirements, conducting a clinical consultation, timing, medication information, referral information, follow up steps etc. (Source: Gateway Health)

Medical Abortion Information for Administration Team

A helpful information sheet for the medical abortion process designed specifically for the administration staff. It includes detailed information about time frames of appointments and medical tests. (Source: Gateway Health)