Patients Aged 16 and Under

Medical practitioners are able to provide contraception or abortion to young patients aged 16 and under if they are deemed to be ‘Gillick competent’. This means the young patient has “sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable them to understand fully what is proposed”. If a young patient is Gillick competent, they are able to provide a valid legal consent to an abortion. Further information can be found here. (Source: Children By Choice)

Key considerations for young people include: reducing the structural barriers to services such as cost, access to transport and service operating hours, and the creation of a welcoming, non-judgemental service environment.


Consent to medical treatment: the mature minor

This article examines the legal obligations of general practitioners when obtaining consent to medical treatment from patients who are less than 18 years of age. Its focus is not on the Victorian context but may nevertheless provide some useful information in another Australian context.

Adolescent abortion in 11 high‐income countries including Australia: towards the establishment of a minimum data set

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