Contraception and STI Testing

The resources in this section consist of comprehensive and up-to-date information and fact sheets about contraceptive options and STI testing for people in all stages of their life.

See also section Violence and Control: Contraception and Abortion for information about contraceptive options for people living with violence and experiencing reproductive coercion


Contraception after Abortion

Better Health Channel provides information about contraception after an abortion, including prevention of unintended pregnancy and the suitability of different contraceptive methods.

Contraception Choices

Better Health Channel provides a guide to help make the most suitable contraceptive choice, including information about hormonal methods and LARCs, barrier methods, emergency contraception, as well as permanent methods.

1800 My Options: Contraception Information

1800 My Options provides information about contraception, including the types of contraception and clinical services available. The link provided will take you directly to the 1800 My Options website, where you can filter your search to find suitable services. Please note: this website does not list all providers so it is worth calling 1800 My Options to obtain a full list of services available in your area. Phone: 1800 696 784

Family Planning Victoria: Contraception Fact Sheets

Family Planning Victoria has a broad range of fact sheets on contraceptive methods and choices available to suit individual patient's needs.

CEH: The Complete Multilingual Guide to Contraception in Australia

The Centre for Health and Ethnicity (CEH) has released a multilingual contraception resource, available in several languages. It includes information about how pregnancy and contraceptives work, lists all contraceptive methods including long-acting reversible contraception, and contact details for where to get help.

STI Testing

1800 My Options can provide information and referral pathways to services that provide STI testing. Use the link provided to access the 1800 My Options website. Click on “Search for health care services”, then "Other Services" and select "STI testing". Please note that not all service providers are displayed on this site so it is worth calling 1800 My Options to obtain a full list of services in your area. Phone: 1800 696 784

Guidelines for STI Testing and Treatment

The Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC) has clinical treatment guidelines, an STI tool, and latest information about STI testing and treatment.