Other Professional Learning Opportunities

MS-2 Step Website

For Australian AHPRA registered healthcare professionals who are certified prescribers or dispensers of medical abortion, the MS-2 Step website includes a range of useful resources: a list of certified dispensers, information about the PBS listing of MS-2 Step, aftercare follow-up and patient support, patient materials, webinars and more. All material can be accessed with your personal registration details. Please note that nurses do not currently have access to this website.

RACGP Pregnancy Advice and Support Training

RACGP offers e-learning for GPs to provide pregnancy advice and support (including assessment). The training takes 4 hrs to complete, and provides eight category 2 points. It is also available to psychologists, social workers, and mental health care nurses.

Supporting Pregnant Women

Children by Choice has developed helpful principles and questions for clinicians to use when a woman comes for her appointment (a woman-centred conversation). This site also offers information about practical skills and things to be mindful of throughout the interaction with a woman.

The Framework: Counseling for Patient-Centered Abortion Care

This resource is intended to teach person-centred pregnancy decision counselling in patient scenarios that often prove challenging. Healthcare providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, counsellors, or clinic staff, often lack the training, language, or techniques to guide patients to self-directed decisions. (Source: Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health)

Implanon NXT training for Health Practitioners - Part 1

To become a certified Implanon NXT inserter, there are two training components for health practitioners to complete: a theory component (part 1), followed by a supervised clinical training (part 2). Practitioners who are registered with AHPRA can complete the first part, free of charge, online by registering at the MSD website.

Implanon NXT training for Health Practitioners: Part 2

The supervised clinical training (part 2) can be completed at various sites, such as The Royal Women’s Hospital (free of charge), Family Planning Victoria (FPV) in Box Hill, and at other sites by request. Find out more about The Royal Women’s Hospital’s practical Implanon workshops, direct support, mentoring and advice available to individual practitioners and organisations via the link provided.

The Royal Women’s Hospital Mentoring Support – Clinical Champion Network

The Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinical Champion Network is based at The Royal Women’s Hospital. The project is state-wide and can respond to the needs of practitioners and organisations through support, advice and mentoring. The network can provide on-site training in IUD or Implanon NXT insertion to eligible clinicians, and facilitate access to training opportunities at the IUD insertion clinic.

Implanon NXT Training provided by FPV

Family Planning Victoria (FPV) offers Implanon NXT training for doctors, nurses and midwives. Please note that these courses may incur a fee.

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia - Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health (VIC) Essential CPE

This activity has been accredited for 5 hours of Group 1 CPD (or 5 CPD credits) suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan, which can be converted to 5 hours of Group 2 CPD (or 10 CPD credits) upon successful completion of relevant assessment activities.