Reproductive Coercion

Reproductive coercion is a recently emerged term and is used to describe interference with reproductive autonomy that denies a person’s decision-making and access to options. It typically takes three different forms:

1) pregnancy coercion, where a person is forced or manipulated into becoming pregnant;
2) birth-control sabotage, where a person is prevented from using contraception or her contraception is tampered with;
3) control of pregnancy outcomes, where a person is forced to continue or terminate a pregnancy.

(Sources: Children by Choice, and ‘How forced pregnancies and abortions deny women control over their own bodies’ by Laura Tarzia and Molly Wellington, University of Melbourne)


These three short videos are a series of training modules created by Children by Choice and intended for providers of medical abortion.

Children by Choice: Domestic Violence and Abortion Care Series (Video 1)

The intersection of domestic violence and unplanned pregnancy (6:56min). This video provides practitioners with an overview of the intersection between unplanned pregnancy and abortion, and domestic violence and reproductive coercion. It offers practical considerations for application to practice and leads on to two other videos exploring coerced pregnancy and coerced abortion.

Children by Choice: Domestic Violence and Abortion Care Series (Video 2)

Reproductive coercion and forced pregnancy (8:44min). This video explores coerced pregnancy as a perpetrator practice and provides concrete steps for practitioners in supporting women to gain reproductive autonomy through safe and appropriate contraceptive options.

Children by Choice: Domestic Violence and Abortion Care Series (Video 3)

Reproductive coercion and forced abortion (5:47min). This video offers an understanding of coerced abortion as a perpetrator practice, and provides practice tips for medical abortion providers in identifying and responding to possible coerced abortions.

Reproductive Coercion - Pamela Doherty, Children by Choice

Pamela Doherty from Children by Choice presented on reproductive coercion at the meeting of the Victorian Rural Clinical Network for Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion, held on 18 March 2019 (23:20min).

Recognising Violence and Coercion

This site provides information for practitioners to recognise and screen for domestic violence and reproductive coercion, and to support women experiencing unplanned pregnancy. It also has links to reproductive coercion posters that can be put up in your practice or service. (Source: Children by Choice)

RACGP Online Professional Development Program on Family Violence

This is a resource for RACGP members, about the prevalence and the impact of family violence, the skills needed to identify family violence, collaboration with the family violence sector, and self-care in the context of family violence. The program is accredited by the RACGP QI&CPD.

RACGP White Book

A manual offering practitioners in general practice evidence-based guidance on appropriate identification and response to patients experiencing abuse and violence.