Victorian Rural Clinical Network For Unintended Pregnancy And Abortion

A number of practitioners involved in the provision of abortion services in rural Victoria  expressed interest in collaborating to provide leadership, peer learning, and clinical service development for unplanned pregnancy and abortion in the rural context.

In early 2017, CERSH determined the establishment of a clinical network would contribute to this expressed interest, and assist in building the capacity of the rural sector to proactively develop and deliver a responsive and inclusive service system for women experiencing unintended pregnancy and abortion.

Further information on the clinical network is below, including copies of the meeting agendas.

For more information about the clinical network please contact:

Nina Hakamies:  M: 0437 562 747 |  E:




Scope and Objectives of the Clinical Network

The network relates to the clinical care and pathways for women experiencing unintended pregnancy and abortion in rural Victoria. The areas of focus include medical termination of pregnancy (MToP), health pathways related to the MToP process, uptake of effective contraception post abortion, and service system development.

Practitioners – both public and private – are encouraged to join and current participants include: General Practitioners, practice nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, radiologists, practice managers, researchers, specialist abortion providers, Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

Whilst the network proposal originated from collaborative work in Loddon Mallee and Northeast Victoria, and the resources to coordinate the network are located in these regions, the network is open to all practitioners working in rural locations and metropolitan practitioners supporting rural workforce development.

The clinical network meetings are held via videoconferencing software, enabling participants to attend either at a Murray PHN site (four sites available) or by personal videoconferencing.

The objectives of the clinical network are:

  • To provide clinical advice and peer support to ensure quality of care and patient satisfaction in rural locations
  • To promote multidisciplinary collaboration between providers of services to identify local strategies to plan and deliver effective and consistent services and clinical care pathways
  • To foster collective leadership and harness the knowledge and experience of rural clinicians for advocacy and policy development purposes
  • To share and document knowledge and innovation; including protocols and operational procedures.

Clinical Network Meeting Agendas

Clinical Network Meeting Video Recordings

Reproductive Coercion - Pamela Doherty, Children by Choice

Pamela Doherty from Children by Choice presented on reproductive coercion at the meeting of the Victorian Rural Clinical Network for Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion, held on 18 March 2019.