SEXruality Conference 2013

CERSH convened the inaugural Rural Sexual Health Conference in August 2013 titled SEXrurality: Sexual health and relationships in our rural communities.

The aim of CERSH, in delivering this conference, was to provide strategic leadership and advocacy, and work in partnership with rural communities, networks and agencies to improve sexual health and well-being in rural Victoria.

The conference was held at the Department of Rural Health, University of Melbourne in Shepparton, and provided a forum for:

  • sharing practitioner wisdom and current rural research evidence
  • showcasing the work, experiences and learnings of practitioners in the field of rural sexual health and wellbeing
  • helping build connections, collaborations and alliances between practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and advocates
  • participants to debate, share, network and organise around issues relevant to rural sexual health and well-being
  • an inclusive and participatory conference experience