Voices of Sexuality – Educational Resource

This resource consists of a collection of YouTube clips portraying the sexuality education experiences of young people and their parents/carers from a range of cultural backgrounds, belief systems, abilities/disabilities, from rural locations, and including those who are same sex attracted or sex and gender diverse. It also features sexuality education professionals who share their knowledge.

It aims to assist in preparing our pre-service teachers to teach sexuality education, and support existing teachers and health workers. The range of views expressed is not intended to be inclusive of all. They provide examples to stimulate discussion and reflection, and to generate strategies. It is designed to align with sexuality education resources, particularly Sexuality Education Matters: Preparing pre-service teachers to teach sexuality education, Deakin University.

The resource is split into two themes:

Contemporary Sexuality Education – covers issues such as sex, ethics, pornography and social media.

Inclusive Practice – covers issues such as cultural diversity, rural young people, students with intellectual disabilities and gender diversity.

Click on the boxes below to access the resource collections. Prompt questions and resources are also provided for each clip.